July 11, 2017

Questions and Answer's to fairy paver blog

Hi I will try and answer all of the question's here that I have had so far about my little hand made fairy stone paving. I am not really the best blogger believe me. I struggle with this side of the craft. But a lot of people have asked me how do I make these fairy things and do I teach it. It is funny as I don't really think about that part of it. I will do my best to break it down for you. Forgive me if it leaves you still guessing. Short answer do I make video's no. No idea how to do that. I have not got enough hours in the day now.

Firstly I would like to say thank you for asking some good questions. I do make most of my moulds for scupting textures and shapes. I use a two part molud putty called silly putty produced by "Barnes" they do sell them in a variety of sizes and different strengths. I prefer to use the pink one as these are very flexible and are great for quick and easy stamping or release of polymer clay. The blue one is a little harder to use which I think is better for larger more solid pieces. I am no expert on this stuff but I love it and use it often. I will make something I like then make a mould of it. My motto make once like it mould it. I have well over 2,000 moulds. Can't help myself.

2. No I do not always seal MY polymer clay creation's to go outside unless I want that shiny new look. I like the matt look and think it looks far more natural. As Polymer clay is actually water proof and does not need to be sealed if going outside. Polymer clay is weatherproof and will not crumble or fall apart after exposure to the elements. However the sun will fade it eventually over time just like most outside surfaces. Baked polymer clay is a durable plastic and does not need to be sealed against the elements.

3. As for glueing stones onto artificial grass umm I am not really sure about that actually. But I would think at a guess super glue would be my first try. I am a huge believer in try and try again if all fails. There are always many different ways to achieve the same results. It does come down to what works best for you. I would have a go at making the path first like mine and then adding the artificial grass cut to the shape required using a cutout paper template. Thats how my mind thinks anyway. That way you could play around with it all to get your best layout. I have not used this little pathway yet in a garden just haven't had the time now I have a young 6 month old baby boy. But one day I will get around to putting it into a pot.

4. I have been into mould making for some time now and have played with many different mediums. The best for me is the two part pou and mix barnes mold making kit. Or as above I have mentioned the two part mould putty also by Barnes and silly putty. 


I have some photo's of some of the molds I have made for the little doors using all kinds of different methods. Of late I have been working with a friend to experiment with silicon moulds and plaster and concrete bases to create molds of doors. First I sculpt the piece and  then I am ready to create a mold for it. Then the next step is to mix and pour your resin or push clay into it. Here I poured resin and left over night to set hard. Then I start to paint it.


As you can see it turns out just like this. This is the actual door I have used in the photo's which is made from resin and painted. But the origional I sculptured with polymer clay classic. Which is a beige colour clay. I use acrylic paint to paint them. I then would put a matt gloss outside varnish on this to help it last outside.

Here is the newest way I have made some molds for the doors.I am relatively new at mold making and am still learning the ropes. But it is definately trial and error process. So same as above first I sculpt the image by hand. Then I cast it in either pour, putyy, silicon layer mold process then I create the mold. Then either pour resin, plaster, cement or polymer clay and bake or cure.



So here is the finished result. A new little poured fairy door using a mold from the origional sculptured door. Now ready to paint and hand on a wall or tree yippeeee.

"All Content © 2015 By: Inspired by Fae - By: Michelle Fenton Unless Otherwise Noted - All Rights Reserved”.

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July 20, 2016

Creating a mini fairy garden

How to create your own beautiful miniature fairy garden.

Everyone admires my tiny fairy garden's coming into our yard. How do you create a small fairy garden? First of all you need to think about what kind of container you will use. Where will you place it. What kind of plants will you be using ? Do they need a large or small container? Will you be able to move the pot latter? How will you water them with a hose or a water container? Are the plants likely to need a lot of pruning or will they grow slowly. You need to think about these questions prior to you setting it up. I will take you through step by step how I made mine. Hope this inspires you to create something cute at your home. These also make lovely gifts.

I have created a few things the hard way. But you do learn fast what works and what doesn't. Will you need a sunny spot or a shade area under cover. Will you be watering it frequently or hardly ever. Now I also made sure I purchased some little feet for the container for easy moving and drainage when watering it.Then lastly you will need to decide if the fairy item's you are putting into it will be fine out side in the weather or need to be under cover. So I have created a number of tiny garden's this week. I took photo's step by step so you could see what I did first.

First I went down to my local nursery and choose a lovely big solid pottery pot. I choose this green one in photo's. They were half price even better so I was very happy to get it for $40.00 pretty cheap as this was so big I had trouble carrying it empty up my 20 steps and steep driveway to my veranda. Took a bag and a half of soil to fill it up.


So the next step is to start to create your garden with the main item in first for size. I decided to put in this little faux brick pavement in and check my room left for plants.

Now I have been wanting to make a fairy garden for a long time with the idea of setting up photo's of my fairy food and table settings for sale for a while. So thought I would create the perfect fairy garden entertainment area.

My Tips and tricks as I go.

  • First add your soil to your chosen pot or container.
  • Fill it up with soil. I use gloves and am very mindful of ventilation and not breathing in dirt particles. ( Keep in mind when making your garden's please) But I also like to use a spoon ( well after all we are talking small mini spaces. So a spoon makes for a perfect tool for fairy garden's. You may be far more fancy than myself that's not hard. I like to sway on the more eccentric side of life! Hence why I live my life making homes, and gardens for the Fae...
  • Start to have some kind of plan in your mind for your garden's theme you want to achieve. I like to start with the largest area first. In this case it was my fairy brick stage. If you plant everything first then try to add it you will run into trouble for room.
  • Think about the plants and how they grow, season, it is important. You don't want it looking pretty for 3 weeks then suddenly you have to rip it all out because your plant has died. That's why I tend to use succulents they are good all year round.
  • Then start from the back and work forward to the front planting your plant's one by one.
  • Try to find coloured stones, sand to add to your garden it gives it a little area to breath in. I also finish off with a light dusting of fairy dust (glitter) this just adds again some magic and in moderation will not hurt your plants.

A good tip is to go down on your knees and look every now and then from close eye level. Look with your fairy eye's I say. (You need to think like Fae and see the garden as if you are their height and see it all looks right. (Think small is key) I do this many times to check all is in scale to my garden setting. If you were that small walking or sitting in this garden you wouldn't want to brush past a huge plant to get to the steps or sit down.


Always check in as you go. I like to add small foliage in the front. You need to be mindful what plants will grow faster or need trimming. These days there are lots of great fake plants out there too. Sometimes you can add fake in with the real and you can't tell at all. This is great for small area's like the tiny pot plants on the steps. I mostly use polymer clay plants for the tiny pot plants in and around my setting's. They look so cyte and nice and bright.


It's all the tiny things that really bring your mini garden to life. I have made some of these little decoration's like this little stone bird bath and mushroom's.  So once you have filled all your garden in and are satisfied it all looks good. You can then go to work to finish it off how you like.


Remember sometimes less is more. A place to sit and contemplate fairy musing's is perfect space to reflect on and loose yourself in a creative meditation space. I have attempted to meditation many times over the years. But I find for me to create a new garden is really the same thing. I clear my mind and think outside the square when I create a fairy door, house or garden. It is just like meditation to clear your mind and sit with a cup of coffee and take yourself to this little place you created in your mind. I find it very relaxing to make them and tend them as they grow and thrive.

 Don't forget to explore your little garden closely. If you create it right you can add or remove pieces easily. I choose two pots in the same colour and size. But you can mix it up with variety, colour, shape and size too. I tend to use succulents a lot as they are growing very well in my garden and thrive. They are cheap and easy to snap and stick else where. If something grows to fast I just break it to the height, size I want and stick that piece somewhere else. So it does become a cheap option. They also don't need a lot of watering which for a lazy gardener like me it's a no brainer. I like to use different coloured ground cover for fun. Some people like to use plain natural colours and stones. I don't mind looking over bright for a fairy garden.


Then once you have finished you can change and add different things to suit your mind of season. Kids love to also help to make miniature gardens. It allows them to use their imagination and that my friends is wonderful. If you are into making fairy items like me then this is the best way to show your item's off. Make a little scene that you can change and explore further. I hope I have inspired you enough to get out there with your own bit of dirt and spoon and garden away. I always love to see and hear feedback, so be sure to drop me a message or follow me on pinterest or face book page. "Inspired by fae"

I have also added some miniature fairy lights to this setting. So at night near our BBQ we can turn on the fairy lights and enjoy the magic of these little garden's at night time.



I just love these little battery fairy lights don't you? They look great at night really bring it all to life. I think it all adds a little magic to the over all scene and feel to the project. I am sure the Fae will love them too.

Here are my two new fairy miniature gardens I created over the last school holidays on my front balcony ready to enjoy when I am out there with a cup of coffee or a family BBQ.  The second pot was created in exactly the same way. It can be changed to suit. This pot has a fairy house in it. Both pots will be easy to maintain and no leaves on them in autumn which I love that idea. My other garden's get hammered with leaves and nuts with 3 large adult size liquid Amber trees above them.





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April 04, 2016

A fairy room makeover

Over the Easter break my two daughter's Tess 4 years of age and her older sister Sam is 10 years old. We all decided to do a bedroom makeover. Tess wanted a cute little fairy woodland scene with a purple door and a pink mail box with lots of pink roses everywhere and an owl with butterflies. 

So I started by drawing up a tree and made it as big as the ceiling. Tess also wanted it's branches to reach up high around the roof. 





So bit by bit I started to fill in all the branches and leaves. I think I made the tree a bit bit actually but it didn't matter. Every day I add more and more details.

Of course we do have to make some room for some fairies here and there.



       I am not a very organised painter. I pretty much just jump in with our much planning to details. I usually make it up as I go. So it's still a work in progress but so far I am happy with it and so is my 4 year old bedroom wall owner. She is amazed that every day something else magically appears. Here I am starting to add some foliage and the stat of the purple fairy door.



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November 20, 2015

Cake Creation's

I love making celebration cake's for friends and family. It is a new hobby that started 2 year's ago.

So far I have made about 7 cakes and it's still a challenge to how it will turn out. So far all good. First you have to think of a subject. In my case I find Pinterest a great place to start for super idea's. My mum loves hand bag's, west dog's and bling So that is where I started for her birthday. It used almost 5 kilos of royal icing - let me tell you it was a heavy cake.

My lattest cake was in October my mother celebrated her 80th Birthday so I instantly got to work. I thought of a hand bag and then a west sitting in it and a scarf and some roses and jewellery and so it slowly came alive. Took well over 6 hours from start to finish.

This was the finished cake sitting up in all it's glory. It was a big hit all round. I had a lot of detail's in there that my Mum loves. Everything was made with Royal icing and hand dyed and sculptured. I made it interstate and in an old house we hired for a week. So that is always a challenge when you are making something like this not knowing what you will have at your finger tips. Luckily the house had a good large glass table.

This was the finished spot for the birthday cake. It had all the element's that my mum likes. Lots of sparkle and bling and it tasted good too. This was the hardest cake I have made to date. I felt the pressure with this cake to pull it off as mum had 81 people coming and the party was catered for a special celebration. The next cake will be a piece of cake lol next to this little number.




The first cake I made was a fairy cake for my 8 year old. She was having a fairy themed dress up party. So I thought it was fitting to make a fairy tree stump cake.


This cake had it all going on. Mushroom's, door, fairies, leaves and all edible of course. It had little shutters for window's and a welcome sign. This was a lot of fun to make.

   This cake was created with a friend Serena Bridgeman a very talented artist buddy of mine. Her daughter was having a party for a 21st. 21st Birthday make up cake 2014.

So we got to work and made a make up cake as you do. This was made with a lot of laughter over the top of it. It was a very hot day and Royal icing and heat do not do so well.



Then this cake was for my 4 year old little girl's birthday party 2015. Can you guess the theme? Barbie meets Frozen lol An old fashioned doll cake. This was so hard to make I can't tell you. Never again will I ask a little one what kind of cake she wants.






Then there was this cake I made for a children's Christmas party. The children love to devour these cakes in second's. 

Honestly a few of my friends are horrified that I allow the kids to attack them. But I make them for the kids not the adults.




So I am more than happy to see the curious fingers coming in and munching on a penguin. 2013 Christmas penguin snow fight cake.

Last year I made a Santa claus in bed and called it the night before Christmas cake. This was a huge hit too. The kids just love pulling them to bit's. I love making them. I am going to make some cookies this year just to mix it up a bit.

Santa is snoring with his tongue hanging out. His little toes were suppose to be pointing up in the air but the heat on the day I made it they kept flowing down and would not dry quick enough to hold the pose lol. I also had some trouble with the quilt it was a bit of a drama but in the end it all worked out and the kids had a ball starting with the cocky bed posts.


So I am still working out what theme to create next for this year 2015 Christmas party. I will start to think about it in a few weeks time closer to Mid December.




My latest hand made cake was for a cute little 3 year old Mya. It was a Dora the explorer inspired creation. 

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October 06, 2015

My new fairy garden.

 I see inspiration every where around my home. Mostly I am inspired by the garden and mother nature, she is awesome. I love to see a new fairy garden in the making. That may be a new succulent sprouting roots and a little clearing of small flower's coming up. This inspires me to create another miniature garden for the fairy folk.

A few weeks ago my husband Brad found 6 lovely medium sized terracotta garden pot's for only $6.00 each. I thought I would do my best to create a fabulous new fairy retreat using this broken pot. I saw some broken pot fairy garden's on Pinterest and fell in love with them. I could not wait to make some of my own. Luckily I took photo's as I made it step by step.

broken steps fairy garden
Armed with one big hammer and a rough line drawn on the pot a few love taps latter and bam I had a few stepping bits created. Then I started to add some succulent's potting mix dirt then added some little natural stones and some succulent plant cutting's from my garden snap and stick in just too easy lol. Then add a little fairy dwelling then voila. In a few months this will all root and start growing well.                                                 As the plants grow up and out it will look better and better with time. Then once everything is established and over growing. You can start once again to snap and plant the cuttings else where.

Why throw a perfectly good pot out if it has a chip or crack in it. Why not do what I did and put a little love tap with a hammer and make some layer's for your first plant pot fairy garden. 

inspired by fae pot garden

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June 05, 2015

A fairy door tale

Hello welcome to my very first blog.
My name is Michelle Fenton. I have been making little fairy door's now for about 7 years all up. I started to make them first in wood and use to carefully hand paint them, sand them paint them then glaze them and sell them on E-bay. They were very really sweet but took a lot of effort from start to finish.
For many years this was great. Every one needs a little fairy door for the fairies to live in. I love creating little fairy doors. I did fall in love with these cuties but the problem was they were so time consuming and to do my best to keep them all the same was not easy to do. I had a few different styles to choose from. This was the rose cottage style. I could not tell you how many I sold all up but it was a lot. They were a lot larger than most little "fae" doors and very heavy to post. Same with this cute little mushroom cottage. This one was a good seller as well. It is all a learning curve really. We all must start somewhere hey.
handmade rose cottage fairy door     hand made mushroom fairy door
Today I have discovered a new way of creating fairy door's. My new love product is "Polymer Clay" Love it.
It is the best stuff in my opinion since sliced bread. I love the feel of creating something special that is 3D and tangible. I love the fact that I can create so many different textures with this versatile product. Every time I have a new Polymer clay box opened it's a wonderful moment to use my imagination to create something completely new.
Although I loved making the wooden doors like the two which are pictured here. I really love the polymer clay doors as they look so realistic and very different to most I have seen on the net. I can create them to look like real faux bark, tree stump, wood, stones, brick etc.
I love the fact that they are unique and so different to the next one. I will be doing my best to show people how to make different things. You will be able to purchase something completely new and a true OOAK
(one of a kind) fairy door or home.
mushroom step fairy door       
I don't have the same problem any more to try and match everything. As I now love to make unique doors. Each one is completely different from the other. The more detail the better for me. A lot of little creations are around the same size give or take a few cm's here and there. I love adding mushrooms, bugs and the best invention ever glitter. Fairies just love glitz and glam.
detailed fairy garden door
Some of my fairy door's are very detailed and turn into a real labour of love. Sometimes I don't know when to stop. This one I made as a gift for a friend for Christmas last year. This little fairy has a home garden door. I admit I can get carried away sometimes. I finished it off in a little wooden frame.  I must say it is one of my favourites.
What ever little fairy door you like they are all full of personality.


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