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Hello my name is Michelle Fenton and welcome to my store "Inspired by fae” Where all things are created magical for young and old. 
I live with my husband and two girls on the sunny Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia. All around us we are surrounded by beautiful bush, stunning valley's and many lovely and famous coast lined beaches. We have it all living here on the Central Coast. I do not have to look far for the inspiration for my fairy doors. From all kinds of leaves to gum nut’s to spiralling twigs and knots on trees it’s all there when you open your eyes and look.
An example of a fairy door
I have always been interested in the super natural world of the magical and the mystical such as Angels, Elves, Gnomes, Goblins, Mermaids, Dragons and of course the Fairies I love them all. I have always been a mad craft person and studied 5 years of Graphics and Design. I love to illustrate and paint and now my new hobby sculpting with Polymer clay.
I have also been involved strongly with the Reiki community for the last 15 years teaching Reiki and running healing sessions for people all over the globe has been very rewarding and a big part of my life. So it should not be a real surprise that I now love to combine my love of healing, crystals, crafts and of course the Fairies all in together. For me this has proven to be a match made in Heaven. Fairies just love crystals so why would they not like them in their homes?
stunning fae door with plant

fairy crystals close up 


I have about 7 different fairy garden's currently and growing all the time. They are all set up in and around the garden to welcome any visitors we have walk the path to our door. I often watch new visitor's come in to our house and they all stop and take on average 10 - 15 minutes to walk a 5 meter path pointing out all the little scenes.

I have about 7 different fairy garden's currently and growing all the time. They are all set up in and around the garden to welcome any visitors we have walk the path to our door. I often watch new visitor's come in to our house and they all stop and take on average 10 - 15 minutes to walk a 5 meter path pointing out all the little scenes.

fancy fairy house with garden

Not just fairy doors

I am also a full time foster parent now with my husband Brad for the last 5 years and this started me on the road to wondering how to help some of these little kids who are like I was become children once again. How to help them heal some of the hurt they had from their own neglect in their young lives. How to bring back the smiles and innocent giggles they should have. I then thought about the fairy games and play I did as a child.

A lot of these kids have sadly skipped the childhood play time and have had to do things which are far beyond the years of their actual ages and size. This is where the fairy door started for me. It then became a full blown hobby and now a bit of an obsession. 

To start building little doors and imaginative worlds for these kids coming into our care. To teach them how to play and use the imagination they were born with - to once again  be activated in imaginative play. Kids need to be kids and play as often as humanly possible. This helps them learn so many things.

My friends would all agree nodding together that I am a little eccentric and even crazy but possibly you are too as you are now looking at my world through my eyes. I don't see crazy I see glitter and lots of it  - Amen to that. 

I love to see sparkles everywhere, magic and I hear the giggles of adults and little children who are looking in around my garden's and at my fairy doors. I see the large wide eyed children happily squealing with delight when they first pick up one of my doors for the first time.

I see the magic through them and their dreams and fantasy world becoming a reality right in front of me and that there to me is true magic at it's finest. Even more so if I can bring back a little child who has not smiled for a long time or maybe ever a new sense of joy and wonder than I have done my job well. This is what gives me joy. This is one of my fairy garden's being visited by some large fairy orbs. 

It is this thinking that has always made me hold strong to the firm beliefs I hold dear now. This is the belief we have many little beings living in and around us and if we stop for just a minute we can hear or see or invite to us for companionship, healing, or friendship and knowledge or just a friendly unthreatening ear to listen. 

These little people are all around us. We do not have to see them or hear them just know they exist if it be by our thoughts or imaginative play. "My favourite saying - Energy goes where energy flows" Meaning it is all in our intentions we put out so do we get them back. If you belief it - It will be so. As you can see in this photo of one of my fairy houses being created already there is plenty of energy flying in and around it.


inspired by fae fairy orb   floating fairy orb in fairy house



create these little doors not just for fun or to look good as a bedroom wall fixture or garden scene decoration but for imaginary play time and a wonder for kids and adults of the hidden world we can not easily see or enter. They are a trigger to spark that wonderful imaginative world of make believe “Sometimes we all need a little magic in our lives for no other reason other than to lift our spirits and feel a smile wash over us” Michelle Fenton. 

close up of a fairy door

I personally hand make and sell everything you need for your very own fairy door or garden. If you do not see something your heart desires drop me a line I am sure I could come up with a custom order for you. I love a good challenge.

Why are my fairy door's and houses different to other fairy door's?

All of my fairy doors are unique and one perfect of a kind creation by myself, then each one is carefully and lovingly hand painted one at a time. I do not have an army of fairy door workers behind the scenes -  I wish maybe one day lol. It is just little old me from thought to creating it to finishing the door and to driving down to the post office to send it to you. 

They all come with a small jar of pixie dust because lets face it we all need some more glitter and sparkle in our life from time to time and a tiny miniature fairy key for the keyhole in your door. Your new fairy door does not open up for human’s but in fact is a magical portal for the fairies, they can however open them to their world at any time.

A lot of special Love, time and energy are put into each and every fairy door here you see for sale or fairy home and empowered by myself with Fairy energy through Reiki healing. If there are crystals in the crafted piece then that too has been attuned to fairy energy. My little doors are just the perfect gifts for all ages young and old. I have all kinds of doors ranging from the plain faux wooden doors to the full detailed themed doors. If it is a magical door you seek then look no further. It always amazes me to see a new creation up on my screen once I have taken pictures for sale and see a little energy ball floating in and around it. This reminds me every time of the special energy that attracts magic to every single new door.

 large detailed fairy home with newspaper

About my fairy doors and fairy houses.

Each door is made from professional grade Polymer clay and is baked and painted then sealed for best protection I can offer. Please remember even though the doors are baked hard and are pretty tough if dropped or played with roughly they will eventually break. I make a lot of details in my little doors. So you need to be careful of the age playing with them.

Nobody is ever too old to invite fairies into and around your home and garden. A lot of my fairy doors have real crystals and every day objects embedded into them just as if a fairy had found them. 

I believe all kids love fairy doors. Wether you are setting them up with the kids or pointing them out that (hey look at that over there a fairy has moved in.) kind of a surprise. Kids love that too. A lot of tooth fairy doors are purchased first and wait until the time a tooth is about to fall.

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