Creating tool's

Carie Shoen is one of the loveliest individual you could ever meet and is a very talented crafter and sculptor. She has a great way with creating the best hand made and unique sculpting tool's I have ever seen. I have created a slide show for you to see some of the tool's Carie has created and sold to lucky client's in the past. You too could own your very own set of custom made tool's. These tool's and texture mat's and stamp's are fabulous to work with. I use mine daily and just love them and so will you. 

Tools created by Carie Shoen. 

Each set is totally unique and individually hand made by Carie Shoen. Her tool's are just awesome and are so helpful to any polymer clay crafter. You can buy these through Carie through the custom made page that I will set up for her. This will be coming soon. In the mean time you can message Carie through contact us page. Asking her any question's you think off :) thanks.