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Please Note: Customer order's for personalised fairy door's are available: 

Recently a lot of people have asked if I can make custom fairy door's the answer in short is yes I can. In saying that I do have many different door's that have not yet added to my shop yet.

I am always making new door's for sale. If there is something you are looking for but can not see it. Feel free to drop me a message. I may have just what you are looking for right here on my craft table ready to be uploaded today.

Please read carefully first.

Want a fairy door with a different colour or style, maybe a name on it. A lot of kid's these days have unusual and unique spelling of names and can't find them anywhere. This can be done no problem! I love to make custom pieces for you.

As all of my item's are made individually and not in mass production batches.

I only create one of a kind item's. It takes time to add a new product then paint it up, add photo's and put them up in the shop each time.   

PLEASE: Do Not click on an existing Fairy Door listing if you are wanting a change it in someway

Once item's are made and baked and painted, then uploaded into shop they can not be added too.

For Custom Order's

1. Please send me an email first rather than clickIng off a different door then asking me latter to change it in a different colour , shape, with a slight variation. Sorry It can not be done!

2. Create a new customer account and fill in your name and address so we can exchange messages easily.

3.  I will create a form with a few simple question's on it as to the shape to choose, colour, theme, name's etc. 

 I will email you this form to fill in for your custom preferences.

Once I receive that I will then create a simple line drawing with your new design with no more than two variation's. 

4.If we are all agreed we can then start your custom order.

You will need to pay in full which you can then check off custom Door order which you will find in left side bar and pay as normal.

Once your payment has been processed then your door will be created for you as arranged and ready within a reasonable time frame. 

Time frame: Will depend on your clear communication in the beginning and your payment being made once agreed on design. Usually a door will need a minimum of 3 days from start to finish unless otherwise discussed. Please keep this in mind when a door is for a gift. You will also need reasonable time for your postage time. 

I will create your custom order in Polymer clay as normal. Using the colour's, shapes, and symbols, details agreed on prior to payment. 

Whatever it is that you need, I can give you a beautiful hand-made creation to suit your idea or gift for that special person. Happy Creating!

Here is a sample of a clients recent customer order

"lord of the rings Door of Moria".

I recently was asked to create a fairy door based on the lord of the rings Door of Moria.

I had a lot of fun making this little door. It was very detailed with lots of elfin script which was challenging to say the least being so small. But if you all don't know by now I love a good challenge. Keeps your fingers nimble and your mind sharp.

So here is where I started. First I look up Mr google and find an image that I can find what I need. Then I make a drawing of the door. I then start to sculpt to scale and very carefully building up the image to a similar likeness. I will always put my own fairy spin on it. Because after all we don't want to copy someone's creative work exactly and come under copy right breach. So I added lots of little quirky leaves and made the door wood like even though it was carved out of stone in the movie. The client was happy and I was happy with the finished product. I also made a little axe to lay beside it. I dare say the fae in their garden is happy too!


Here is a finished photo of the little door in my garden before I packed it up for the client.

Don't you just love the little fallen elf. heheheheh just a bit of fun on my part.

Your custom creation may include: Some basic idea's

  • A specific colour combination to match a child's room or favourite colour's
  • A specific kind of shape door, arch, branched wooden door, leaves, rock surround, type of door handle, window, fairy, butterfly's etc
  • Add a sign or name plate. Adding a child's name is great and really makes it so special.
  • flora and fauna as fairies like these thing's you know
  • character design such as a fairy, little bug, mythical creature, loved pet e.g.
  • WHATEVER YOU HAVE IN MIND - If I can draw it - then I can create it!

If in doubt or not sure just give me an email and it's free to ask away ask ask me about an idea you have go on don't be shy I won't bite.


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