What is in my tool box?

What is in my tool box?

I have many tools for my art and crafts far too many to mention and they are spread all around the house. In fact I took over the family garage many years ago. Pulled off the roller door and we added a new big sliding door, carpet and a fresh lick of paint and shelves and now it is my art room and it's full to the brim.

I have been using Polymer clay now for about 2 years relatively new really. I have taken to it like a duck to water. I must admit I am still learning daily little tricks and tips I get from here and there. But for the most part it is trial and error. Which I believe is really the best way to learn anything new - Just get in there and play around.

When I start a new project I usually have a small fold up table that I work at in my lounge room. That way I am still in with the family and I am not locked away somewhere. Then I have my white terracotta tiles x2. These I use every time, they are the best. To make things on the clay doesn't seem to stick to it. Easy to clean and you can just stick it in the oven and bake it. I have 100's of tools as a real crafter does. Sometimes the less fancy the better I think. I really only use these 3 major tools lately. They seem to be the ones I grab for ever time. As you can see here in my work station. I have every kind of paint brush one would need. Mostly the fine ones they are the ones I love the most. Every one is different. But as I come from a drawing background and painting. I have more of these tools in my tool box.




As you can see it is seriously full of stuff. Some never see the light of day where other's are always in use. It is jammed packed of cake cutters, shape cutter's and knives, wire, stamping tools and lots of wood working tools. Everything you need for a new Polymer clay project. I bought this handy box as a make up kit at Aldi a few months ago. It is the best as its all clear and 4 deep drawers that carry heaps of things. 

Chalking your Polymer clay

I am just starting to use chalks in my work for something new, as I usually hand paint everything after it is baked. I have seen these for sale everywhere and not half as expensive as I bought my box some years ago.

You can use chalks to colour your clay before it is thrown into the oven to bake hard. You can mix colour's and make bright or soft. I some times add lovely pearl or shimmer dusts in rainbow shades to my doors for that extra glow and sparkle. I scrape them with a craft knife or pear-ing knife works well too.  As for the Clay it's self there are so many now on the market. Different brand's and different texture's can be found in art shop's or easily on line. For me I use a mixture.



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