Fairy Fruit Bowl
Fairy Fruit Bowl
Fairy Fruit Bowl
Fairy Fruit Bowl
Fairy Fruit Bowl
Fairy Fruit Bowl

Fairy Fruit Bowl

Inspired By Fae - Hand made fairy doors


It's important to know that fairies love all things sweet that is no secret. But they also are in fact very healthy eaters mostly. In a feast they will have a selection of fruits, sweets, veggies and snacks. They gather fruits and veggies from here and there through out the forest. So you can now entice your little garden Fae in close with a delicious spread of little miniature fruits. Which fairy could not resist these little beauties. This photo shows what you will get.

Made of Polymer clay remember they are magic only fairies can eat them not for human children or pets. These are great for other setting's you may have.

You are purchasing a small selection of different fruits in a small bowl hand made wooden mushroom bowl for the table or what ever idea you have. 

I will send you as many as the bowl can hold with a few spares to lay around the table up to 15 pieces as shown here in this photo.

What you get in this listing  

1x cute faux fairy style wooden bowl similar to the one in the photo and a sweet supply of assorted fairy fruit to fill your bowl. I try to give you at least one of most common fruit. 

eg: banana, apples, green, red, mixed, lemon, orange, pear, grapes, strawberries, lime, berries. 

Some fruit will be peeled, sliced or cut in half for added fun.

Each set is all hand made and unique. No two fruits are the same. All fruit is made from polymer clay and is very hard and tiny. So please be mindful when small kids are at play. They all look like food and can be swallowed easily.


I post from Sydney Australia using Australia post. I wrap all my doors very well and make sure they are water proof and then sealed lots of bubble wrap to help them travel safe.

All payments and postage are in US $

I hope you enjoy my fairy door's. I can also do custom creations as well.

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When purchasing for children please consider their age and stage of development. It is the responsibility of parents / guardians to gauge the suitability of our fairy garden item's and accessories as some might include wire points, sharp edges, small objects such as pebbles, gems, tiny ornaments and small fairy key's with jars of glitter. All these thing's the fairies love but could be a choking hazard for your young children. Please note our products are not recommended for four years of age and under unless specified. Most items are sold for decorative purposes and are not toys unless other wise specified thank you. 

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