Fruits of the Forrest Door
Fruits of the Forrest Door
Fruits of the Forrest Door
Fruits of the Forrest Door
Fruits of the Forrest Door
Fruits of the Forrest Door
Fruits of the Forrest Door
Fruits of the Forrest Door
Fruits of the Forrest Door
Fruits of the Forrest Door

Fruits of the Forrest Door

Inspired By Fae


Welcome to Inspired By Fae

Hello you are looking at my OOAK (One of a kind) hand made - hand painted Fairy hand sculptured polymer clay fairy door's or houses.

This lovely little door is very detailed and is just so sweet you will love it.

Description: Little Welcome sign fairy fruits of the forrest door

It has a lovely little detailed: welcome sign - on it for the fairies. No fairy could not fall in love with this little fairy door / portal.

The beautiful knots and branches are delightful.

Lovely pinks, purples, berries and leaves. Sweet little twisted door knob and tiny key hole. This little door also comes with it's own organza draw string bag and a fairy miniature door key and jar of fairy dust. This would make a lovely gift for any child.

I love making these little fairy scenes and I am sure you will love them in and around your home too.

Each little scene is unique and not the same as any other you'll find anywhere in the world.
I love to create all the little details by hand. Each door is filled with magic and sparkle just like the fairies like. A lot of my creations are very colourful and full of fancy bits and pieces. Some times I use moss, glitter, shell's, twig's, berries, nuts and often real crystals and dryer moss etc to help build the scene.

Each little door or home is totally unique with different symbols and features that differ from the next. Some door's may have a tiny window that glows in the dark , Little shutters, door knocker's, slightly different door knob, sides, rocks, flower's plants, gardening supplies, food, knots and turns in the faux wood or lady bugs, beetles, mushrooms etc

Dimensions of This little door are: 

Height: 14 cm's   

Width: 12 cm's

Thickness: 2.5cm

Weight:  120 grams

Material's used: Polymer Clay - Sculpey

Made of Polymer clay and hand painted with artist grade acrylic's finished off with out door clear gloss for added protection.

I use Paypal for payment's. It is easy to use and is safe.

I post from Sydney Australia using Australia post. I wrap all my doors very well and make sure they are water proof and then sealed lots of bubble wrap to help them travel safe. I do also offer local pick up.

Where else you can find me. Come on connect up with me :)

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I hope you enjoy my fairy door's. I can also do custom creations as well.

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